System Wide Improvements At AES Have Had An Immediate And Positive Impact
December 1, 2011

In December 2009, AES developed an extensive capital improvement plan, that was later adopted via legislative approval from Akron City Council, to enable the district utility to secure approximately $13 million dollars in special tax exempt financing. These capital funds were allocated specifically for energy production improvements, environmental compliance initiatives as well as system wide distribution and facility maintenance programs. So far, the work has greatly improved service reliability and overall system efficiency. Our staff has also indentified and resolved over 80% of the 300 safety related items outlined in the company’s plan and is working diligently to tackle the remaining items in the coming months. Thanks to the support of Akron City Council and all the AES team members on task. The utility is happy to report “No Lost Time Incidents” since February 2010; a true testament to the pride of ownership and individual commitment for a safer workplace environment.

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