Akron Energy Systems (AES) Employee’s Are Santa’s Little Helpers
December 15, 2011

In spirit of the Holiday Season giving and service to others, the employees at Akron Energy Systems developed and participated in a competitive Christmas tree decorating and gift donation competition. Each department was given a 4 ft. lit artificial tree to decorated with items found within their departments. Participating departments included Electrical & Technology, Facility Maintenance, Distribution, Operations, and Administration. The unique design talents of the AES team really came together and all the trees were a big hit at our annual holiday luncheon.

Most importantly, AES employees spearhead a great cause, collecting an assortment of Christmas Gifts for the kids at Children’s Medical Center of Akron. The gift count was 377 gifts including cash donations. The gifts were delivered to Children’s Hospital Medical Center Volunteer Services Department with many thanks, and yes some tears of appreciation. We really enjoyed being Santa’s little helpers! AES plans to continue this program in the years to come.

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