District Energy

A Proven Solution for Energy Efficiency

District energy systems are a cost-effective, highly reliable and efficient method of heating and cooling buildings located within an urban or campus setting.

The density of buildings in downtown business districts, increased extreme weather events, and the demand for more redundant and reliable energy are all factors in which make district energy an enduring energy solution. Below we breakdown the advantages district energy offers.

A Record Of Reliability

With more than 700 district energy systems in operation today, this platform for local energy production and distribution is well proven over decades of service in major cities, colleges, hospitals, manufacturing and military facilities throughout the United States. In fact, district energy is recognized by both the United States Environmental Protection Agency (USEPA) and the United States Green Building Council for the efficiency and environmental benefits these systems provide.

Reduce Capital Investment

Constructing a thermal production plant in your building is a costly undertaking and costs $30 to $40 per square foot to replace. With district energy you eliminate the need to hire additional staff to operate your onsite system as well as unplanned capital investments for repairs or replacement. Plus, you buy only the energy you need which keeps your operating expenses low while your profits grow.

Eliminate Risk

Heating and cooling equipment are the most expensive components in a building, and they carry the highest risk of failure. So why would you own and maintain your own onsite thermal energy plant when there is a cost-effective, reliable alternative? District energy is as simple to use as your thermostat. Simply dial in your heating or cooling requirements and AES will deliver worry-free energy directly to your building.
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