A Full-Service Experience

Our expertise in heating and cooling extends beyond the delivery of steam heat and chilled water and is applied to all facets of a building’s energy consumption and facility management.

Steam Heat & Hot Water

Using energy-efficient natural gas fired boilers, AES converts water to pressurized steam like direct heating, service water heating and absorption cooling. It also can be directed through a pressure reduction station for use in lower pressure steam heating applications.

Steam Heat & Hot Water Details

Steam is used to heat building interiors through exchangers. Exchangers heat a separate supply of water for distribution to traditional heating units, such as radiators, or throughout a building’s air handlers for space heating. AES also provides hot water utility service for use in internal hydronic heating systems to produce domestic hot water. This eliminates the need for you to purchase, install, and/or operate in-house hot water boilers.

Chilled Water

AES chilled water is produced through a closed loop system making it highly efficient and sustainable. Water that enters the plant from the return line is cooled using chemical refrigerants to approximately 45 degrees. It is then sent back to the main supply line that connects to each building served.

Chilled Water Details

In most cases, the chilled water is used for air conditioning. In those cases. Water is run through air handlers to cool the air supply flowing to the building interior. In conventional chilled water systems, the chilled water is distributed at a variable flow rate, meeting the demand of early morning startup and mid-day peak demand periods. Once the chilled water has been used it is returned to the plant and the process repeats.